Introducing the Panoramic Stereo

Clothed in the vintage brown and gold cosmetic, the Panoramic Stereo brings the Magnatone stereo experience to a smaller, more convenient size. Two 10” speakers are powered by four EL84s push pull 12 + 12 watts of all tube stereo power for a very compact and wide sounding amplifier. All of this plus Magnatone’s exclusive […]

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Premier Guitar: Jason Isbell Rig Rundown featuring the Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine

Award-winning Americana artist and guitar master Jason Isbell is known for having a great tone in addition to his signature songwriting and lead guitar work. Jason recently sat down with Premier Guitar to walk through his guitar rig, which includes a section talking about his Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine head and cabinet. Isbell also used the Super […]

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Magnatone on tour with Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s

Billy Gibbons is hitting the road with his band the BFGs in support of his new album Perfectamundo, and Magnatone is coming along for the ride! Featuring a new Afro-Cuban flavor, this tour will be an excellent opportunity to hear Billy’s trademark Magnatone sound in a completely new context. ¡Escuchemos! Dates below. Tickets available here Fri 11/27/15 […]

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Vintage Guitar Readers Choice Awards

Vintage Guitar is giving away a Varsity Reverb! By voting for what has inspired you the most, you are automatically have the chance to win. “Each year, Vintage Guitar magazine honors those who inspired and awed us as guitar players, fans, and listeners by inducting the great players, innovators, and instruments to the VG Readers’ […]

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Mixdown Reviews Twilighter

Mixdown had great things to say about the Twilighter 112 Combo. “This amp is great for anyone who needs rich natural overdrive and complex clean tones without crossing over into full-on distortion. If you like your guitar’s natural voice to be heard through the grit, this amp will retain your instrument’s character. “ Read the […]

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Magnatone Releases New Amplifier

The Varsity Reverb is the latest addition to the Studio Collection, which offers vintage American tones with enhanced power and versatility for the modern player. The original 2013 Varsity set the standard for this model and garnered praise from fans such as Jeff Beck and Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan Band). Like the previous incarnation of […]

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A cover shouldn’t be complicated.

The quality of a protective cover should be in direct proportion with the quality of whatever you’re covering. And the quality of Magnatone amps — painstakingly, point-to-point, hand wired right here in St. Louis — is unsurpassed. And therefore, the same must be true for whatever we might use to protect it. That’s why we […]

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That Elusive Sound of Simplicity.

The concept is simple. But don’t confuse “simple” with “easy.” Amps this good are born of ideas this straightforward: tubes, solder, and point-to-point hand wiring, meticulously done by obsessive practitioners of their craft, right here in our shop in St. Louis. The greater the care that goes in, the better the sound that comes out. […]

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Lukas Nelson and Neil Young on Tour with Magnatone

Lukas Nelson and his band the Promise of the Real make some of the finest American music around. And what better band could there be to show off the 100% American-Made tone of Magnatone Amplifiers, including the vintage-inspired sound of the Stereo Twilighter. Lukas had this to say about his new Stereo Twilighter: “I’ve been […]

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Downbeat Magazine Reviews Stereo Twilighter

The great reviews for the Stereo Twilighter keep rolling in! Keith Baumann from Downbeat Magazine took the amp for a test run and had this to say: “I was struck by its clean, in-your-face presence. Every note sparkles, and the tube-driven long pan spring reverb fills out the tone beautifully.” See below for the full text […]

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