Power, Price, and Portability: The New Super 15

The Magnatone with the British accent now packs its EL-84 tubes and 15-watts of power into a compact 1×12 combo. OR, a head with matching 1×12 cabinet. This is true British chime in an all-American amp.

The new lower wattage model reduces weight and size, but delivers the same power and tone you expect from this legendary collection. After all, you have the same full EQ section of tone controls and effects loop from the bigger model, the Super Fifty-Nine.

The new Super 15 also has a new speaker emulation feature so you can practice quietly, or use headphones, but still tap its full dynamic range going direct into a mixing console or computer.

Rich in features, but under $2,000, the feature packed Super Fifteen is where power meets price and portability.

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