Master Collection

The American amp with a
British accent.

The Master Collection is the perfect culmination of British inspiration and American soul! Featuring both EL34 and EL84 models, the Master collection incorporates that classic sound from across the pond with the sonic dimension of our Varistor driven true Pitch-Shifting Vibrato!

Differences between the Super Fifty-Nine MKI & MKII Models:

  • The Mk I has a higher gain and is more compressed.
  • MK II – lower gain and more clean headroom in the preamp.


  • MK I – has a “dry” channel (NO VIB at all) and a “vibrato” channel (through Vib Modulators) . Bridging inputs gives a different “univibe” sound to the vibrato
  • MK II – has bass and treble inputs ala Marshall..bridging inputs blends tonalities. Vibrato is on BOTH channels and has traditional Magnatone sound.


  • MK I – 2 stage vibrato, deeper effect, also bridged gives Univibe sound
  • MK II – single stage vibrato – Traditional Magnatone Vibrato


  • MK I – has GZ34 rectifier
  • MK II – has Diode rectifier


  • MK I – Vibrato drive circuitry is all tube
  • MK II – Vibrato drive circuitry is updated SS (not in signal path)


  • MK I – has a more modern higher gain sound (normal ch) also has a distinct vibrato channel tonality, gives 2 options.
  • MK II – has a classic gain structure and likes to be played loud, like a Super trem/Vib if Marshall ever made one. Like a slightly hotter 4 input w/ MV and Vib.

Collection Features

  • EL84 and EL34 British inspired tube circuitry
  • Master volume for versatility and performance
  • Silicon varistor true pitch shifting vibrato and conventional tremolo
  • Custom British style speaker by Warehouse Guitar Speakers
  • Finger jointed birch ply cabinets with wrap around woven fiberglass grill cloth
  • 100% cotton textile black covering
  • Nickel plated vents and glass beaded chevrons
  • Custom made knobs with etched control plate
  • 100% designed and made in the USA
Super Fifty-Nine MK I

Super Fifty-Nine MK I

The Magnatone Super 59 is the modern incarnation of the classic Magnatone.

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Super Fifty-Nine MK II

Super Fifty-Nine MK II

Clean to scream and everything in between

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