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Thank you for your interest in Magnatone amps. On this page you can access information, read
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For direct support from Magnatone, please email us at tech@magnatoneusa.comĀ and we
will get back to you within 24 hours.

Service and Warranty

The Magnatone technical department can assist dealers with warranty issues. Before any work
is done, Dealers must email Magnatone at and include a brief
description of the problem and a phone number where the dealer tech staff can be contacted.
Magnatone will supply parts for units under warranty at no charge during the warranty period.
Magnatone will also pay for one hour of warranty labor at shop rates assuming we have been
contacted in advance. Anything beyond one hour will require additional Magnatone approval. As
part of the warranty process, we are asking dealers to fill out the warranty card with the
customer at time of sale and email or mail it to us so we have a consistent record. Any items
returned to Magnatone are required to be in original box and packaging. Dealers must also
insure returned items.

International dealers: If additional parts are needed, we will reimburse you at wholesale dealer


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