The Best of Both Worlds: The New Super 59 80th Anniversary Edition

We’re kicking off our 80th anniversary year with the best of two iconic Magnatone models combined into one super versatile tone machine. You know the Super 59 Mk 1 and Mk 2 now meet the new Super Fifty-Nine 80th Anniversary Edition.

The new Super Fifty-Nine 80th Anniversary Edition brings you the low to medium gain tones of the Mk. 2 plus the extra gain stage of the Mk. 1. And like both legendary amps, it’s powered by two EL-34 power tubes for a full 45 watts of all tube power in a Master Volume masterpiece.

The 80th Anniversary edition, like all Magnatones, are hand built in the USA. It’s available as a head, cab and combo, and includes a tube buffered effects loop and all the tone control you’ve come to expect from Magnatone.

And by removing the on-board tremolo and vibrato, we’ve made the price sound great, too.

Check out the Super Fifty-Nine 80th Anniversary Edition. We’re proud to celebrate our anniversary with more timeless Magnatone innovation and quality.

Click here to view the New Super 59